Note of Caution

Just a reminder to the community to save your work OFTEN. I just lost the last 40 minutes of my work because Xojo hard crashed on me silently. I have no idea what happened or what caused the crash, but when I restarted Xojo, it did not ask to recover anything. I’m usually pretty good at saving after pretty much everything I do, but for some strange reason, I did not save often enough tonight.

Let this be a lesson and a warning :wink:

Sadly this is a valid point. However I was trained by Microsoft to press <ctrl + S> frequently (Um this was in Word so not truly a DEV issue and certainly not a Xojo one). Just remember this is a V1.0.0 product - but oh so brilliant and I am doing all new projects in Xojo, so I’m eating their dog food!

And remember that every time you run, Xojo saves a backup of your project. But still, saving regularly is a good idea.

I do save often. So often that I miss not having a Save Button in the toolbar.

Me too…

I miss it too. But, now that I can add build step scripts, I have one that autosaves before the build. I’d still rather have the visual reminder of the save icon, but at least this way as long as I run it frequently (which I tend to do) I don’t have to rely on Xojo backing it up.

Bill, I always do a Save before I run the app. But there are times that I am writing a sizable piece of code or I get called away from my desk for some reason (bathroom!) and like to save my work just in case the cat decides to nap on my keyboard while I’m gone. While the Save menu item is fine, I miss the Save button.

  • Dale