Notarization Gotchya; Stapling fails on HFS+ volumes

Among everything else going on right now; I’ve been trying to track down why I couldn’t Notarize an application. I was getting the error that Stapling was failing and corrupting the DMG. Which is pretty irksome as the DMG had to be re-built and that DMG file resubmitted (was taking 30~45 mins to Notarize).

So I modified App Wrapper to staple to a copy of the DMG, rather than the DMG it’self and started trying to figure it out. I had other DMGs which didn’t have a problem.

Until I realized that this application is on a shared volume, which is HFS+ (you know so that it’s compatible with our production machines), once I moved the DMG to a APFS volume, the staple command worked.

Off to file yet another bug report.

App Wrapper 3.9.1 Beta 6 now features an atomic staple function for this reason.

I have also added a GUI interface for setting the Hardened options.

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We too are using an HFS+ volume for notarization, and we haven’t had a problem. Maybe it’s the shared part? Or an ACL restriction?

My use of shared, was a poor choice. It’s not a networked volume. It’s actually a partition on the internal SSD. When the machine is not being used for testing, it runs macOS 10.10. So this partition is to share data between 10.10, 10.14 & now 10.15.

Although in all fairness, I’m wondering how long this is going to hold up. Since Beta 3 of Catalina, the machine has started frequently crashing in 10.15 & 10.14, on 10.14 I get an EFI crash report.

So most likely there’s something wrong with this machine, and probably needs to have all the different OSes blasted from it.