Not building

Hi. I just finished another project and was ready to build and deploy (Xojo desktop app, created on Win 7 and only building for Windows at this time). I went to build the project. It begins the build as I see the progress bar show up and some tasks going, but it seems to keep stopping on “Linking”?? Also, the build folder doesn’t pop up after the successful build as it usually does. I checked my folder, and there is a builds folder present, but it must not be complete. I went to try and make the installer, but that failed as apparently something was missing.

Did I miss something? Could it just be that my computer is getting tired and doesn’t want to cooperate? I’ve been able to successfully build recently (few months ago)

Perhaps delete the existing Build folder and try again?

Hey Kem. That wasn’t quite it, but it did direct me to the solution. When I went to delete the Build folder, I had a message that some file names were too long to move to the recycle bin, and I had to ok this. So, got me thinking. I shortened the name of the app, and it built! Didn’t know that was a factor, but apparently it is

@Ryan Hartz - how long was your app’s name?

RD Practice Exam for the Visually Impaired

42 characters!

I shortened it to “RD Practice Exam VI”. As it turns out, the program happens to be on version 6, so it works both ways :slight_smile: