Not able to use Xojo Dev Pages

I am not able to view Xojo Dev Pages due trackers, scripts and 3rd party ressources:

The docs have been relocated here:

Ah much more better… thank you!

yes. but as most sites today, everyone is using APIs and/or reference other sites. Between uBlock(on the broswer) and LittleSnitch(personal firewall), I can see where everyone’s site is cross linked with others.

maybe I should add a page to my site that shows which site(s) I link to and why. And if you are thinking what I link to, off the top of my head its google’s font site (for non-standard-loaded fonts but common online) and fontawesome (for icons). there are probably more.

that doesnt count links that are obvious to other sites (like for example, I reference Xojo - on it).