I’ve seen conflicting information about stopping iCloud from synching folders.
Has anyone sucessfully managed to stop iCloud by saving a file inside a document folder?
If so, is it still called .nosync ?
Or do we have to rename the folder to have .nosync on the end?

you add .tmp as the folder end name
or use NOSYNC as the name.

i use mostly both “NOSYNC.tmp” so if in case apple changes one or ther other i’m save :rofl:

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Yeah…nosync doesn’t work with folders.
I’m sure there used to be a file you could save inside a folder, but can’t track that down at the mo.

Renaming a folder for my existing customers could be an issue… iCloud has a habit of wiping data if you turn it off…

Adding the extension .nosync to a file is a simple way to prevent iCloud from syncing that file. This technique is useful for selective syncing. However, adding the same extension to a folder will not prevent iCloud from syncing its contents. The only way to prevent an entire folder from syncing is to name it tmp or end it with .tmp.

Found at iCloudNoSync

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