Noobe: MAC install

I’m new to the MAC - I have a MacBook Pro (2017). I need assistance to make sure I’m doing this the right way - forgive the nomenclature - it might be a little “windows -ish”.

When I first got XOJO a few months ago, I just uncompressed it (copied it) to a custom directory. It is listed in this directory in Finder as a folder (Xojo) with the contents underneath. I made a shortcut that I have in my lower menu bar to launch XOJO, but I find that I still need to go into Finder to get examples, etc.

Now we have a new release. So I think this is a good time to “do it right”. Should I just place my new xojo in the same directory? If I need to, I can wipe out the old one and place the new one in a better location. Is there an installer that I should be using?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is no Installer… just do what you did… and no reason to delete the old copy, as a matter of fact I wouldn’t… just in case for some reason you need to go back to an older version in the future.

I have copies since 2006 archived on my Mac

Generally you can drag and drop from the disk image (DMG), into the Applications directory. And the drag the icon into the OS X dock.

When 2017 R2 comes out and is very close in capabilities I’ll drag the application itself into the existing folder (I tend to rename mine with the release version so “Xojo” becomes “Xojo 2017 R1” so I can keep multiple versions over) and copy the database plugins in too to maintain capabilities.

There is no installer on Mac. Just drag the “Xojo 2017 Release 1” folder from the DMG to your Applications folder. There is no need to replace your older version. They both can co-exist just fine.