Noob xc questions

I have a subdomain pointing to my xc server and if I enter that into a browser tab it goes to my xc webapp page but if i put that subdomain into the xojo ide Domain Name it says its not mapped to the xc server. Is it just a timing thing? I only fired this up a few minutes ago

I have a desktop app thats kind of a utility that id like to have run on my xc but not have to be in an open screen. Id actaully like lots of instances these such utlities to be able to get spun up by users and then run unattended until a user wants to log in and see stats related to them.On the desktop app version of this, I can just keep creating instances of a container control that embeds all the functionality in a cc specific thread. Im assuming I can do that on the web too but I want them to be in their own app that a ui page provides stats and start/stop capabilities. Anywhere to read up on this kind of thing? Anyone with thoughts on that kind of appraoch?

I have this subdomain under Namecheap and they say they dont offer wildcard SSL certs. What am I gonna do? Make one app that contains the apps I need? Is this just a limitation of the url formation to get to them or am i stuck on this provider’s limit to one app redirect?

Was this sub domain pointing somewhere else before?

It wasn’t - I just created it this am.

So, in PM Greg helped me by pointing out I had redirected the subdomain and need to have the DNS record point directly at the xc server - I see that was clear in the instructions but not in my understanding yet.

On the wildcard certs and the way apps keep running or not - Id still appreciaite any thoughts or pointers to reading on that

In terms of certificates, you don’t have to use GoDaddy. Other companies (like NameCheap for example) do offer wildcard certs. If you have one that you’ve purchased, you can contact our tech support line and we’ll install it for you.

Another solution is to just purchase one cert per sub domain, but that’ll get costly if there are a lot.

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Apps on Xojo Cloud are built as Standalone and run as a service behind a reverse proxy and load balancer. The number of instances of each app is governed by the number of vCPUs on your server. (Small & Medium currently have 2, Large has 6).

The service is set up so that if the app becomes completely unresponsive, it will be automatically restarted. If the app quits for any reason (app.quit or a crash) it will automatically restart after a few seconds.

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Hmm, this sub dmoain is on Namecheap and I thought i read they do not offer wildcard SSL but I have donwloaded the SSL cert I purchased from them si I will start there. Ill contact support. I probably only need this one for now so thanks for being so helpful today Greg!

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