Non SQLite Data Base

Consider this is a Joe Newbie question.

There is a list of available Data Base engines here: Database Class .

As far as I understand, excepted SQLIte, all other Data Bases connect themselves to a server (something Joe Newbie does not have).

Am I right ?

In other words: if I want to create, save / open one of the Plugins below (found in the Xojo Plugins folder):

That is what I understand from the reading of the code example in the reference pages for these Plugin(s).

Am I right ?

Correct. Joe Newbie can install his own server for many of those databases. Most of them have “free for personal use” versions.

and you can install the server on the same machine the client is.

ODBC can be used with many database types. I use it to connect to an Access database, which would be similar to SQLite in that it is a single file residing in a disk.

mDb = New ODBCDatabase mDB.DataSource = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=" + Path + ";Uid=;Pwd=;" If Not mDB.Connect Then MsgBox("Error: " + mDB.ErrorMessage) Return End If

Please also check MBS SQL Plugin