Non ASCII characters and Windows…

:point_up_2:t2: This

That is where the trouble lies… I do not created this folder. It is Copy Files who do that.

Of course, the folders created like you’ve done works fine.

I suppose CopyFile (Insert → Build Step → Copy Files) uses the application name (for unknow reason) and creates a new Folder because it (your text) interpret as Latin1 or something…

I could not tested that theory because I ellaborated it in the TRAM earlier today / I do not have access to Windows (here).

Here’s a screen shot of the project folder while it is running in the IDE:

This confirm (if needed) that my project is able to create folder using UTF8 strings and show the offending folder name.
Inside this folder, there is a copy of the “Pays” (list of country names); the one you see was added manually…


OK, said like this, looks like waste of time and resources…

First reading:
At run time, a nag screen display a welcome message and db stats (number of people followed, out, in the db and the date of the las db access.
a click and another window appears.

Second reading:
Most of the work is done here: the database contents is displayed in a ListBox.

Third reading:
View by Record. This is where a person is added to the Data Base (or its Record is modified…).

I re-state what I wrote earlier:
as around 7H30 this morning, this works now. (How long will this continue to work ?)

On macOS Ventura m1, it works since early March.

Concerning doing a simple project to demonstrate my troubles:
Yesterday afternoon, I was thinking that, then I had another idea (use only one FolderItem to access to the Data Base in App. and keep it open throu the application run (instead of creating a brand new one with SpecialFolders.Documents.Child(…) each time I need to access to the .sqlite file).

Thank you for your help.

Now things gets crazy

My “WHAT!?” time


I guess something is very broken again

My CopyFiles1 is located in Windows, and executed after the build (“Post Build Script”).

I will check asap when back home in 30 minutes and give feedback tomorrow.


Disregarding your specific problem, the Resources folder should never be NIL (carrying something at least), and I got a Nil.

Ok, the IDE inserted my copy files step into a “limbo place” that does nothing and silently fails. I never used insert build step from the menus before, I used “right click” on a platform a “add”. I was expecting an “Insert into the current one” (the checked :heavy_check_mark: This Computer) instead of limbo. Never knew about this limbo “feature”. The compiler should warn about steps being present and being ignored.

iirc, on Windows, it is possible to build and not get a Resources folder if there are no resources. Windows apps aren’t bundles like macOS, so there is no structure or standard saying “this folder must exist”. The screenshot illustrates that no CopyFiles procedure should be performed, so I would consider everything operating as expected.

I do like your idea about the IDE warning you that a CopyFiles (or other) Build Step exists but is not being performed.

Yes, things should not be ignored silently unless explicitly instructed to.

I confirm the bug I suspected yesterday:

I changed the application name and I do not get the folder with the weird name.

Just add samples broken and working + explanations to the issue report so Xojo could replicate the said problem and fix it.

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