No Team ...

The iOS Developer and iOS Distribution certificates are installed on my iMac, I see them fine in XCode, yet I cannot select a team in 2016R3.

I deleted, created new certificates and reinstalled them, restarted the IDE several times, to no avail.

What am I missing ?

Have you more than one version of Xcode installed?


I am the more at a loss that the last time I worked on iOS, back in early 2015, the team appeared automatically. I was expecting the same.

Make sure you have the Apple intermediate certificate installed.

You mean Provisioning Profile ?

Sometimes when I have issues like these I find my intermediate certificate is invalid or missing.

Check here:

I believe the one you want to double check is WWDR certificate. Note if you use Xcode to manage your provisioning profiles it handles all this for you.

You can check this by opening ‘Keychain Access’ and in your certificates section you would see a non-expired “Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority”

I had not installed the provisioning profiles… Now I have the team.

But when I try to build, Xojo complains resource fork, finder information or similar detritus not allowed.

It would be so nice if such garbage messages were explained clearly somewhere…

What am I supposed to look for in order to fix this detritus mess ? ? ?

I have removed every single item I dragged into the project, and yet, this pest of Xojo is still whining.

Talking about discouraging. Xojo iOS is such a pain all along…

To be fair they have little to no control over the signing process.

I launched an iOS app within the first 60 days of the app store. It took a week just to figure out how to build an app Apple would accept. There was no documentation or anything. It was absolutely horrid and that was with Xcode.

Can you provide a screenshot?

Actually in my opinion, code signing is part of the application developement process and as such Xojo should make it seamless for both iOS and macOS.

Ah ha! I’ve been waiting for this issue to come up. I’ve had the same problem since the installation of Xcode 8 a few days ago. I first started trying to find out what the detritus was and where it was deposited. There is a known problem with Xcode 8 choking on “FinderInfo” and other code fragments that get stuck in some files (particularly images) and there are ways to eliminate it via Terminal commands. I applied those methods to the post-build app package files and successfully eliminated that form of the dreaded detritus but it didn’t change the fact that the package won’t install.

In any event, I suspect the “detritus” is a red herring and have concluded that the real problem is not detritus but a failure of Xojo to code sign properly. You will find that the Xojo build process yields an App of appropriate size but which will not install. Attempting to do so with Apple Configurator 2 results in an apparently completed installation but leaves no trace of the app on your device. Installation via Xcode (devices window) fails with an error message saying the app isn’t code signed.

I’ve gone through the tedious process of redoing certifications etc. but the problem persists. The certs are confirmed to be ok because they work to install an Xcode-written app but have no impact on the Xojo Build problem. Very frustrating.

If you have 2016r3 installed and you’re on the release version of Sierra- you can Check for updates in Xojo Preferences to get a quick update to fix the “detritus” issue. Everyone with updates turned on will see it eventually but you can grab it now.

It’s a change Apple made in Sierra code signing that required us to change some things in return.

Sure that would be great but my point is they are not in control of the process.

That was it. Thank you Travis.

So, the detritus message is not from Xojo ?

No. it’s from Apple.

they don’t “define” the process, but they sure as heck can control it… AppWrapper controls it… as do other less powerful 3rd party tools…

Have tou installed a nee version of xcode? If so have tou opened xcode to “install required components”?

I had done everything, all I forgot was the provisioning profile. Now everything works and I was able to install the app on my iPad.