No Programmers Day 2017 Sale?

Hello. I have been purchasing Xojo annually during the Programmers Day 20% off sale. I noticed nothing is discounted today.

Was this promotion silently axed?

Just curious. Thanks.

I didn’t see a notice about this.
Buy regular priced or wait for Thanksgiving?

Yeah I’m not upset or anything, I just sort of made the assumption it would be on sale today.

Not a big deal.


@Zachary Milbourn , you could be a Dutchman. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

English with dutch accent?

We run sales periodically throughout the year, but specific sales are not guaranteed.

Thanks Dana! Sounds good.

I think there should be “secret” sales advertised only in the Announcements section here to reward those of us who participate in the forums. :wink:

Interesting idea - we’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Like the raffles on my blog, which you only notice when you read the postings?

I had a few discount coupons there too, but so far none was used!