No Printer Output in one Location

I have a single client (customer) who is having trouble printing one routine. He seems to have the problem both at his home computer and at the office. Everything seems to process successfully but no output comes through the printer. He reports that everything else in my app prints OK.

He is running Mac OS 10.6.8 in both locations and I am using a Xojo Desktop application version 2013 r3.3.

We have never encountered this problem before and currently have multiple (15-20) users running the same application in other locations without a problem.

Not sure what might be happening here. Any ideas as to where to look?

Do they get content in a PDF when choosing Print to PDF from the OS X print window?

Yes. They can print to pdf.

Interesting thing. I put the same program on one of my computers running Mac 10.6.8 and logged into the very same remote database with the same credentials and everything worked perfectly.

Printing works fine logged in with an Administrator account but not with his limited user account.
Not sure about the cause of this.

I also used the same Xojo app on Mac OS 10.6.8 using a limited user account with no issues.

The routine will save the output as a PDF (and can print from Acrobat Reader) but will not output to the printer when logged in with limited user account. When logged with an Administrator account, all is well.

Client relates that “Limit printer administration” in Parental Controls is unchecked.

I have no idea what the cause could be. At least they have Print to PDF as a workaround.

One other thing that can be worth trying is to have them create a new (limited) user account on the Mac and see if the problem still occurs from the new account. That might help pinpoint if it is a general OS issue or something corrupted on the account they use.

OK. Thanks. I will let you know if I find anything.

Looks like a general OS issue. A new user account has the same issue. Funny that this only happens to one user’s computers.