No milliseconds available for "giv me the time" button?

Hi xperts,
Can I only get time in HH:MM:SS with Xojo clic button action ?
…or is miliseconds option planned sometime in the near future ?

If you use DateTime you have .Nanoseconds
You can calculate the milliseconds from there.

I know it may be better if it was added already to the other properties/methods where it could be added.

If you ask something, please be a little more specific. You could show some code, that’s easier to understand and answer.

Thanksa lot @DerkJ I’ll have a look at that…if that works meanwhile…its fine for now !

Var cejour As DateTime =DateTime.Now
Label2.Value = cejour.Hour.ToString +":"+ cejour.Minute.ToString+":"+ cejour.Second.ToString


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