No microphone access with MBS Audio Plugin

I am trying to figure out if I can implement a client request that requires sound recording with the MBS Audio plugin. I tried the “PortAudio Record and Play” and “PortAudio” Example. In both cases, recording does not work (it records nothing). OS is macOS Ventura on an Apple Silicon Mac. I am using an empty info.plist file, but I am not aware of a key that’s needed for microphone access. It’s probably a Ventura thing. Any ideas?

You need the keys to have it ask for permission, so please include them.

Do you know which key that is? I have a bunch of other Xojo projects and the permission questions (accessing files etc.) come automatically without the inclusions of anything extra.

Found it. In Apple’s high level docs it is tagged as iOS only, but once I searched for it, it shows as required for macOS since 10.14: NSMicrophoneUsageDescription. Works now.

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