No longer possible with CompanyName

(RealStudio 2012 release 1.2)
I have just discovered a problem. Why can I no longer add CompanyName to my app? It will no longer run if I don’t remove the CompanyName? I have a personal developer license and I have always added my name to my app. Now it won’t work anymore. Is the really true? Or is it a bug?

What is the string you are plugging into that field?

In the App property value - Windows settings - CompanyName.
The app won’t build or run if I add text value.

Any text? Or something in particular? I haven’t heard of this bug before, which is why I’m asking what the is the string you are putting in the field.

I’d also suggest trying your project in Xojo. If it is a bug, it may be that it’s been fixed.

E.g. my name “Vince Francia”