No longer able to drop folder on app in Dock


I can no longer allow a folder to be dropped on the app icon in the doc. Is FileTypes no longer an option in the macOS Build? Does anyone know how this is done now?

Thanks in advance


FileTypes are tricky. How does your FileType definition look like?

Thanks very much for your reply Beatrix. I can no longer see the option to even set the FileType in the Build Settings - It was quite a while back (probably 3 years ago) that I had to look at this project before so I’m trying to remember where the setting was for the App to recognise File Types… but to answer your question, I have a simple FileTypes1.Any which just has a display name and macOS Types ??? Role is set to None

There is a bug in the current version of Xojo that wipes out the role settings (which is required) and is fixed in a future release.

p.s. I don’t know how far back this bug goes.

Ouch! Ok, thanks very much Sam