"No lodging matches your search criteria"

I’m trying to book my room at the Radisson through the given web portal starting Sunday, April 26 through Saturday, May 2, but I get an error that “no lodging matches my search criteria”. It looks like you can only get the special rate from Monday through Saturday, in case anyone else plans to go early.

same for me.
You have call them and talk to them.

There are plenty of rooms.

That’s what I did, booked online for the dates they allowed, then called to have them extend it.

However, I don’t know what rate was applied to the additional night. It doesn’t really matter, but it would have been nice to know.

I though the special rate is from 24th to 6th available.

At least I got 169$ for all the days I reserved.

I thought that as well, especially after the way it was presented on the web site. Odd that it didn’t let us book those dates.

Their website was working without issue a few days ago when I booked my room online. The rate from April 28th through May 4th is $169 per night. Per Christian’s comment, they’re providing the discounted rate well before and after XDC.