No invalidate on IOS?

Dabbling with the new API in iOS
Added a canvas.
There doesn’t seem to be any .invalidate?
Which means that I have to call refresh far too often , and there is a lot of drawing code going on.

Probably a rhetorical question, as I am sure the answer will be “just because. suck it up…”
Why is there no aggregated “invalidate” call?

Hey Jeff, I brought this up during the testing phase and the answer went something like “refresh on iOS works like invalidate on other platforms, so just use refresh”.

Here’s what it says in the MobileCanvas.Refresh documentation:

Marks the control so that it will be redrawn during the next event loop.

I’m unconvinced.
If I draw everything in the paint, it’s slow.
If I draw to an offscreen image instead and ‘just’ blit that in the paint, it’s also slow
I’m trying to ‘draw’ items bigger than a pixel with the mouse, and if I call redraw when the mouse has moved, painting happens too many times and in a jerky manner

Hey Jeff, my use cases for painting on iOS are rather different so I haven’t experienced that, but from what how the documentation reads now it sounds like something isn’t working like it’s supposed to.