"No identity found" when codesigning

I’m trying to sign my app in Mavericks with the following build script:

[code] 'codesign package

dim PackageLocation as String = CurrentBuildLocation
dim CountSlashes as Integer = CountFields(PackageLocation, "/")
dim ParentFolder as string = NthField(PackageLocation, "/", CountSlashes)
dim ParentPath as String = Left(PackageLocation, Len(PackageLocation) - Len(ParentFolder))
PackageLocation = ParentPath + "final" + "/" + getShellString(CurrentBuildAppName) + ".pkg"

dim cmd as String = "codesign -s --deep '3rd Party Mac Developer Application: Beatrix Willius' " + PackageLocation
dim theOutput as string = doShellCommand(cmd)
if theOutput <> "" then print theOutput

function getShellString(theString as String) as string
    Return ReplaceAll(theString, " ", "\\ ")
end Function[/code]

But I’m getting an error message “–deep no identity found”. I can sign with AppWrapper but for this version of the app I want to keep the existing build script. Any ideas what might cause this error?

RealStudio 2011r4, Cocoa.

ich denke du musst -s und – deep vertauschen, bei mir geht es so:

codesign -f --deep --timestamp -s "Developer ID Application:usw

ohne timestamp geht es bei mir auch nicht, das musst du wohl noch dazu nehmen…

Danke, werde ich morgen ausprobieren.

–deep is in the wrong place in the queue.

This Apple stuff gives me rashes. The error message is gone but AppWrapper still doesn’t show the app as signed.

I’ll simply do the signing with AppWrapper by hand and then the dmg also.

Thanks, guys!