No Controls Show in WebApp Layout Designer 23r1 Mac


Xojo is driving me crasy. I started converting my WebApps from the old to the new approach.
If you drag a button into a page de defaults to the hight 0. And if you change it, still it does not give a preview.

We’ll need to know a bit more about this issue. Does this happens with a simple blank project and dragging the button from the Library?

Well I have to convert old style Web projects in the fastest posible fashion to the new style.
When you build a new Web project the UI preview works fine. But when woring from an old projeect somewhere it loses links to enabel previes.

If there is no solution for this, I need to go back to 2019r1.1 Change all Var statements in Dim finish the project started. Regard it as being a non maintainable prototye and say good bye to Xojo.

I hear you, migrating apps from older platform versions to more recent ones is always a challenge. Especially with web technologies, where everything evolves very quickly, and breaking changes are extremely frequent. We are doing our best to keep our frameworks up to date, in a transparent way for our users.

If you explain a bit more the process you’re following to migrate your Web 1 app to Web 2, we might be able to help. Even if you at least explain what you want to achieve, we can suggest you the new way of doing it. Sometimes you can find it’s actually easier.

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Thank you.
I take the Web 1 app source open it in the Web 2 env. Then I use debugging to go through all the code.
Works fine for the code udate. Not for the UI update because it just shows a blanck canvas.

BTW, you don’t need to change Dim to Var. that’s purely your choice.

Tryed to start a new project with only newly build pages and dialogs. Works fine for a while until suddenly it lost it.

BTW, this was just an exaple.

This time it apears to happen after I have imported bootstrap.min.css file.

That is it. The bootstrap.min.css file link initiates strange IDE UI design behaviour.
Removed it. And I have a workable IDE again.

Most likely your bootstrap.min.css is version 5.x and Xojo is using Bootstrap 4.6, you should try to see if there is a version for your theme that is bootstrap 4.x and not 5.x


To avoid many problems, your best option is to star with a new web 2 proyect, recreate all the UI from scratch, redesign your logic and reuse the code you can.

Web 2 lacks MANY features of the web1, like No support for control arrays and has many events missing from the controls. This 2 alone render many code useless and you have to reinvent the wheel, redesigning the app logic and rewrite all the code that was previously working.

There is no “fast way”

Works fine for me now. Just keep the css link file out when editing.
I consider it to be a buck that will be resolved in a next version. And I have a work around.