No control sets on Xojo web ?!

I downloaded Xojo 2020 and I found out there are no control sets for xojo web ?
How is this a good thing ?!


We deferred their availability to a later release.


Greg, is there somewhere a (public) or (testers) list of things that are (really) planned for web 2 and not yet implemented ?
mainly things that are in web 1 and not (yet) in web 2 ?

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I agree, this would be very helpful for those of us who want to consider transitioning projects to 2.0 without having to go through hours of work just to see what’s not possible yet.


and also in the same idea a list of things from web 1 that will not be replaced ever (or replaced by something different)

Answering these questions is not as binary as we’d like them to be, but I’ll try to give you the big ticket items…


  • WebAnimator
  • WebSeparator


  • WebToolbar Editor
  • WebCanvas update
  • WebMapViewer update (although we did switch to Google Embedded Maps because it’s a little less expensive to use and offers more options like directions)
  • Control Sets
  • Numerous WebListBox features. If you were testing, you know there were more features in the first builds. If we figure out a better way to expose them, they’ll be back. But we want to fix the issues we already have first.

WebToolbarContainers ?

Yeah, we’ll get there, but as I said the first time this was brought up, I need to look at what the options are. My suspicion is that most users want the ability to simply put a control in the toolbar, not a whole container, and that certainly would be easier to do from a Bootstrap point of view. We just need to figure out what that might be.

my first idea was indeed to put a websearchfield in the webtoolbar. as it seems not possible, I tried to use the webtoolbarcontainer with no luck either…

Right. I suspect that’s what most people want. Buttons, fields, etc… form controls. That’s far easier than allowing an entire container.

Just wondering how did you came up to the idea of removing webanimators that are so cool and the control sets that are useful ! This is a major regression imo

Norman was keeping a big list on the testers channel, but he can’t speak for himself any more so…

Removed content published from Testers channel.

Which is unfortunately inaccurate.

Control sets are complicated at best and had some bugs as previously implemented, but the biggest reason was to let the API settle down first. We will look at them again in the future.

Range Requests were deferred because they affect a small number of users, but we hope to add them soon.

WebSockets never worked in 1.0, so… if we did anything in this arena it would be HTTP/2.0 which brings the best of both worlds and is widely supported.

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There is a way to create series of controls with a unique event and an index that tells you which control got that event.

I quickly created an example with a webButton.

The principle is as follow:

  • Drag a button in the project, so it becomes a custom button (a class)
  • Add to it an integer property Ndex
  • Right click the custom button, and select “Inspector behavior”
  • Tick NDex, so it becomes part of the inspector
  • Drag the custom button to a WebPage
  • Duplicate it several times, as you would a control set
  • Set the NDex value so each copy of the control has a growing one. In the example, 0, 1 and 2)
  • Add the Pressed event to the class.

When the program runs, pressing any of the buttons will trigger the unique Pressed event, where you can look at the NDex value like you would in a control set.

Note that since the event handler is on the class, you will have to prefix any control you want to address with the name of the webpage. For instance, Webpage1.mycontrol.Left.


So maybe you could publish a list that doesn’t just include big ticket items so the users of your software could actually find out where they stand instead of having to repeatedly ask and be drip fed the information they require to make an informed decision about the direction that they take which will ultimately lead to whether they, ya know, give Xojo some money?

What I’ll say is that this is part of the reason we only provide a vague roadmap of what’s coming in the future. The list that you published above was a discussion that started on the Testers channel as part of the prerelease cycle and was not meant to have been published for the general public.

Bit odd leaving it up there for a few hours, replying to it then removing it later and leaving your reply to it ergo making the edit pointless. Weirdly pedantic. You might want to go through all the feedback tickets I requested to be made public from beta that have been made public too then? Gosh, don’t want to release that top secret info, I mean, don’t want to save customers time :roll_eyes:

So if I find out that list of my own volition and publish it then its fine?

Wow, the original thread has been removed from the testers channel now?

What the heck is this place turning in to? With all this cloak and dagger, anyone would think something sinister is going on…


If someone spends the next year building a Widget and finishes it and Xojo says “Hey, we’ve added this great new Widget to Xojo!”… the person might post on the forum “Wow! Xojo is terrible. If they would have told me about this then I would not have wasted the last year building a Widget!”

If Xojo says, “Hey, we are building a Widget!” and a person decides to wait a year on the Widget and Xojo figures out that a Widget is not a good idea, then the user might post on the forum “Wow! Xojo is terrible. They say they are making a Widget and I waited a whole year and nothing! They are a bad company lying to their users”.

That is why a vague roadmap is really the only way to go. If specific information regarding future plans starts to get out from employees or from users, Xojo might remove it so other users don’t start making decisions based on it. Just imagine what would happen if Xojo said “We will have control sets ready by the next release”, but then a user discovers a bug in another area, and then Xojo shifts work on the other area and does not have time to fix control sets. What would someone who desparately needs control sets say on the forum?

Vague roadmaps are all well and good, one would think that giving out information of what is currently missing from the current release might be deemed pretty pertinent unless you’re trying to hide that information away from people until its too late to stop their project migration or seek a refund?

Web 2.0 was in the works for what? 3 years? The first test release given to the testers had [redacted, testers information]. Their main web project, eddies electronics was [redacted, testers information] and it didn’t make it into the release, 3 years in the making and their main showcase web project didn’t make it into release and Geoff [redacted, testers information].

They couldn’t wait a few more weeks/months? The people that were waiting for Web 2.0 has already left, most of those that were left were in no matter what happened.

Self redacted to preserve the identity of the testers, no testers were harmed in the writing of this post.


It’s back. I’d just hidden it earlier while I tried to figure out how to make it not show up on your post and then forgot to put it back. Sorry about that.

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