No bookmark data when using CFBookmarkMBS

Trying to save a folderitem to the preferences with CFBookmarkMBS. I’m 100% sure that this worked before:

dim options as integer = CFBookmarkMBS.kCreationWithSecurityScope dim bookmarkData as string = CFBookmarkMBS.CreateBookmarkData(fieldValue, options)

The folderitem exists: Macci:Users:beatrixwillius 1:Library:Containers:com.mothsoftware.mailarchiverxeasy:Data:Library:Application Support:Mail Archiver X Easy:Mail Archiv.vdb

But now bookmarkData just is an empty string. Xojo 2019r1.1, MBS 10.9. High Sierra + Mojave. The problem occurs both for debug and built app.

My bad. First save the file and then save the file to the preferences. I had forgotten that file access is now considered unsafe.