My Xojo and plugins are 2015
I see that 2017 allows debugging in 64bit, which I guess I need since 64 bit Mac Os app still crashes here and there.
I downloaded and installed plugins on top.

When I try to run, I get a message about NikonMBS.async
Even though I have deleted the cache and do not have the Nikon plugin in that folder.
Anyone know what other plugins might be referencing it or how I get rid of that message?

Buying the plugins again just to see if Xojo 2017 is any better , seems like a stretch.

You may want to update plugin to newer ones.

I believe you can trial all MSB plugins without buying.

I upgraded anyway. It’s been a few years

Still having unexplained ‘fun’ with 2017R3 but thats a different issue.

Thanks for supporting our plugin business.