Nice looking histogram plugin?

I’m a little ways off from needing this, but I’m starting to look into what’s available for histograms out there for Xojo. The application is the control software for a motion picture film scanner. I will need something that looks like this, from DaVinci Resolve:

Or this, where the color channels are combined into one:


The scale should be at least 10bit but no less. We’ll be working with 16bit images, but for our purposes, scaling it down to 10 is fine. It must be configurable so that the background can be dark to match the background of the UI.

And on a similar note, a Waveform monitor would be super useful too, in a perfect world, as an RGB Parade, like this, also from Resolve:

I looked at MBS ChartDirector, but I’m not sure if I can get it to look as nice as the resolve scopes (if I can, great, I’ll give it a try when I test this). In the mean time, is there anything else out there?

Well, first is a line chart, see

and second like area chart:

But third, you would first need to calculate where what pixel color goes and then maybe draw it yourself in a picture.