Nginx CGI

Hi, I know some of you are successfully using Nginx as a reverse-proxy to run one or more copies of your web-apps in standalone mode. Has anyone been able to run apps in CGI mode? When I tried some time back it didn’t work and I don’t have the knowledge to work out if it is doable or if there is a fundamental issue preventing it. Thanks.

Thanks Dave. I’ll do some research on using Nginx with WE standalone. I remember that there were some using postings in the past.

I have a WE app, running in CGI mode (because i require https) on Amazon EC2 behind a load balancer with no problems whatsoever. Can you explain the CGI issue you are having?

Hi Jim,

I can run my web apps in CGI mode on Apache with no problem (including https), but when I tried using Nginx as the web server the web apps don’t start up.

Are you using Nginx on your EC2 server?

Hello Patrik,

My apologies, I misunderstood you. I’m using Apache on the EC2 cluster for my CGI application.

I’ve never used Nginx, but your post prompted me to look into it further. Given the performance gains possible over Apache, I’m going to try to get it working for my app. I’ll post here if I make any progress.

No problem, Jim. I use a modest VPS and Nginx would solve the resource problems I have with Apache. I’ll try Nginx again, if only to get it running with standalone apps.


I’ve solved my problem with Xojo standalone apps and SSL using the AWS load balancer (no nginx reverse proxy required) I’ve posted my solution at



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It’s because he posted it in the Pro channel.

Jim, could you move it to this channel?

I’ve moved it to the Web channel.


Thanks Jason for moving the thread.

The AWS load balancer will translate from https to http. If you have a ssl certificate, it’s a quick and dirty way to get around the fact that Xojo standalone WE applications don’t support ssl. I suppose this is really a reverse proxy but without the overhead of installing nginx.