newbie question combo/popup menu

Hello all

I have just downloaded xojo to see if it fits my requirements so am rather “playing” around with it at the moment. Everything seems pretty routine other than the above (for me at least). Other than a few different events I do not really understand when someone would use a combo vs a popup. The combo seems more versatile to me but then I am just learning. However my real question goes for both.

I have a combo/popup (doesn’t matter) which is populated with a list of countries extracted from a database. When I click on the down arrow the list is revealed and the default combobox.listindex is highlighted assuming it’s set. As a user moves through the list each item is highlighted waiting for the selection to be made. How do I extract which item is highlighted before selection. I want to do this as several other parameters are linked to the potential selection/highlight and I wish to display the other parameters elsewhere. So the user cruises through the list of a combobox viewing the option (without selecting) but as the highlight changes so does some other information on the spread sheet. Which event handles this - is it gotfocus? which I have assumed goes with the box not the highlight> or Mouse Move? in which case how do I extract the highlighted data from the x,y co-ords?..there must be and event/parameter I have not found yet.

Any help?

by spread sheet I mean listbox or window…sorry about that- haven’t worked out how to edit a post yet!

Nope. There is no event that gives that information. You could fake a popupmenu using a listbox, but there’s nothing built in to do what you want.

Hi Tim - thanks for the clarification. I have done what you said and it works to a fashion. Seems like a feature xojo find useful.

I took the liberty of logging a feature request for this.


This would be a good feature IMO. I, too, have struggled finding and answer to how to achieve this and ended up with pretty ugly workarounds. It would be good to keep a track of the feedback case…to that end

@Alwyn Bester - when I click you feedback case number I get Case could not be found message either it’s not on the server or private. I admit that feedback baffles me as to how it works and I have not had the time to “learn” its ways. Should it be viewable be someone like me?, Is it private? perhaps it just hasn’t reached the system yet?

sorry - have no idea why that “case…to” bit came about, I don’t think I wrote it and can’t edit the post

Have you installed the Feedback program on your computer?

You can download it from

Once the Feedback program is installed you should be able to view feedback cases.

Hi - yes, it opens up feedback, does its search then returns the “error” message…“Case Not Available” “The Case was not returned from the server. This is usually because the case is private, or does not exist”…in a msgbox. I always get this so have rather given up with feedback

Sorry, I now understand what you meant. When I created the case I by mistake made it private. Will ask Xojo if they can perhaps make it public.

Thanks Alwyn, would like to track this.

Just to confirm NG, <> is now visible to everybody.

I see it…many thanks!