Newbie question - bug?

Hi All, I
am doing a small simulation with a bug moving about on screen, I am using a pixmap and when I was working on my PC I could not get the sprite to rotate about its centre. It acts as though it is in a big box and rotates around the 0,0 box corner.

I started with a 40 x 40 rectangle picture as per the Combat example but changed it and the program seems to be unable to forget that rectangle.

After wasting a couple of hours trying to get it right, I opened the program on my Mac and with no changes it works as I expected.

Is this a bug or something I should keep working on?

I have a screen recording of each which I can share…

could be the same problem as here with textshape.

you could try Xojo 2021r1.1

I confirm Xojo 2021r1.1 solved my problem

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Hooray, worked for me too! I am not going mad after all :sweat:

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