newbie, how to use iPad to send data via wifi

Hi, I’ve never done iOS stuff. But is it possible to build a UI that will send small commands to a videoapp running on a macmini.

I’ve done this stuff with UDP between macs for running a syncronized video playback system, with great success… but it would be nice to have an iPad as a nice remote controller, and send start and stop for different videos and sound files…

so how do I send a command like: start, videofile2 ?

in desktop app with UDP, i just made my own commandsets and sent them over… no probs… but how do I set up a simple, (one letter string, 3 one integers) command.

iOS apps in Xojo do not have UDP socket yet.

You could set up a Web app in Xojo that receives commands from your iPad and communicates via UDP with your playback app. This web app could be the interface that is presented on the iPad, or you could build an iOS app that uses HTTPSocket to send commands to the web app. If you are making an iOS app, you could even skip the web app and add a TCPSocket to your playback app and send commands as TCP.

I have a perl script on my Mac that can control functions on my TV. I set up a web app that uses HandleSpecialURL to receive commands, then uses shell to execute the perl script. I created a simple tv remote as an iOS app that uses HTTPSocket to send commands to the web app. All this because my cable box remote could not change the input on my tv.

I’ll go the TCPSocket way then! Looks more nicer, and does not add a layer of the webapp… of course a web app would be easier to maintain.