NEWB... PLease help!!

new to coding… seeking knowledge so that I can do projects for clients and make side money to fund my main interests. always good to learn new skills please help!!

I’d start with the Discover items from
specifically the Introduction To Programming book since it is free

And check out the Xojo webinars at

Finally, just code. Try things out, read the docs and when you need advice, ask here.

You can also learn a lot by (re)viewing the Example Projects in the Xojo folder.

You can also try this out:

Start by creating small things.

…you need in your computer use, day after day…

I second Emile’s comment - cut your teeth creating little tools to help you do things (even if they already exist) since you can compare what you try versus something that already works.

…and because these are things you need, you really know what result you want (need): easier to create something in these cases…