New XojoUsers.Com Mailing List

Hey all,

Prior to this version of the forums, Xojo maintained both a PHP forum and a separate email based listed called the “NUG.” A number of years ago, Xojo stopped promoting it and removed any information about it from its website. However, there have been a number of us who are holdouts who still communicate on the NUG and like it for it’s easy and ability w/o having to open a browser and log into the forums.

As of the end of this month, Xojo has decided to shut down this list. As an alternative, I have purchased the domain name and have started a new NUG - This mailing list is now up and operational and you can subscribe to it here:

I want to make clear that these forums are the primary support/discussion/etc type place for all things Xojo and I don’t want to take away from that. Instead this is an additive to increase the ability of Xojo users to exchange ideas and information in an e-mail based way. Some people don’t like or want to participate in web based forums yet they would completely lose out on the ability to be part of a community.

So I encourage you to add to your Xojo community resources and subscribe to the new NUG. Hopefully Xojo will let this post stay and won’t delete it or force me to do so.



Just subscribed to the list.

I see no reason why Xojo inc should remove or force you to remove this thread, unless they want to shoot in their own foot. I think this will be a very nice additionn to this community.

Thank you.