New Xojo Release in the Mac App Store: mySalesAgent

Imagine mySalesAgent as your personal App Wishlist, App Shopping list or Collection. You can search for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac apps and add them to your watch-list. If one of your desired apps reaches the price for which you would like to buy this app, mySalesAgent will inform you with a message center notification and on request by email, about the reduced price.

Everything is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Finding an App
  2. Enter your desired price and save
  3. mySalesAgent informs you when the app has reached your desired price.

You can make mySalesAgent open automatically at Login by right-clicking on its icon on the dock, and selecting Open at Login. If you choose to, mySalesAgent will work from the system menu only by removing itself from the Dock.

The program is free of any advertisement and will not use in app purchases.
The program takes you, as soon as you want to look at an app in the App Store for an app, directly into the Mac App Store and iOS apps on the official Apple iOS App Store website.