new website

I have just uploaded my Xojo website. It contains some examples that can be usefull
The Xojo Files contains the same as


Very nice, only two issues:

Find word in text — points to a file:// reference, not http://
Google Translate — broken link

Thanks for the feedback. I hope everything works now.

Yes, I have them now. Thank you.

RTF editor
When I change the font of the text, all the text settings like bold, underline, italic, etc are reset.

Good initiative! I may contribute in the future!

Thank you!

to make your mp3 player working on OSX I changed


  #if TargetMacOS then
    mpplayer.Height = 24 = 0 + Window1.Height - 24
    lbsongs.Height = Window1.Height - 24 - lbsongs.Top


  lbsongs.cell(I, 1) = thedialog.item(I).URLPath

sqlite store a prefs file. Why don’t add a MenuItem to clear it before quit ?

BTW: no MenuBar in sqlite / sqlite is Carbon.

Sorry, I do not go further.