New Web 2.0 app not deploying

Hi All, I’m into a new project so thought I’d kick off in Web 2.0. I’ve got a simple Web 2.0 “Hello World” created and thought I’d upload to server but nothings happening when I hit deploy. My servers fine - I’ve deployed an update to one of my legacy Web 1.0 Apps up there this morning - no probs. I’ve got my server chosen in build settings along with a domain name - I’m signed in, the statistics “Show” button is graphic my server nicely but no response from the deploy button ?
Am I missing something ? Many thanks. Barney

Is Xojo Cloud checked in the Navigator?

Hi Greg, yes it is. This is under Build Settings eh ?

Hi Barney - yes, under Build Settings.

What is your Domain Name set to?

Hi Jason,

I’ve got it up now but I’ve had to use 2021 Release 1.1

Hi Barney - Okay. I will email you and see if w can figure out why you had to use that release.