New warning in Transporter when uploading a Mac app?

Today I am getting a new warning when uploading a Mac app to the MAS.

What gives ?

Is this blocking the upload or only a warning? Apple made Testflight available on macOS some days ago…

No, it does not block upload.

Okay, then this might be the same as in the Connect App, where some new caution icons show that information for using testflight is missing.

My last upload via Transporter didn‘t show any warnings, but I am still on Mojave, where testflight doesn‘t work…

I uploaded apps on September 11, no warning. The warning was new today.


I get this message also for some days. But the last upload was reviewed without problem.

As in the message described it is only for users who wants to use TestFlight.

I would expect this to be a bug at Apple’s end, and they’ll fix it at some point over the next ten years. Probably quicker if they replace the CEO first.

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