New Video: Using External Modules & Classes

I’ve just published the latest video in my #CodingWithXojo YouTube series. This covers how I use external modules and classes to share code between multiple projects.



Good video.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for

  • nested modules
  • modules with classes in them

as they can’t be external at least for text projects (that’s a restriction of Xojo).

For that reason we use submodules for Git:


Thanks @StefanA. I have no experience with submodules but I’ll take a look at them. They may solve a few issues.

Yeah nested modules is another issue with external modules. I suspect there is no easy fix for Xojo Inc without creating another project format to store the data unfortunately.

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Thanks for the good video!

Another approach without using Git SubModules or SVN Externals is described in this Xojo Guest Blog Post: Xojo Projects in a MonoRepo.

That Blog shows a way how to use Text Projects and have Modules (with/without classes in them) to be shared between several Xojo Text Projects.

Sure… a MonoRepo is not ‘the’ solution for every collection of projects - but maybe something to consider.

See also this Forum Thread: Best way to re-use code