New Video: Leveraging LLVM: A Compiler Overview (Travis Hill & Paul Lefebvre)

Watch the video here.

XDC 2018, speakers Travis Hill & Paul Lefebvre
Learn a bit about LLVM and how it’s used with Xojo.

Hi Dana. Is there any chance you could re-upload this with the video and audio synced? The video is around 25 seconds ahead of the audio. Thanks

@Paul Lefebvre and @Travis Hill mentioned natural-alignment for structures by using a value of 0. I commonly use C++ structures (see declares book), and is there an example of how to use a value of 0 for structure alignment?

Thank you

Will take a look

If you don’t specify anything on alignment, you automatically have the natural one. See documentation:

see Structure Alignment section here:

Thanks Christian,

I was hoping that this would be a workaround for the misaligned C++ structures when working with Windows Desktop Code. If nothing is specified on alignment, then the Structure bugs still exist.