New Video: Google-Like Predictive Auto-Complete for Search (Leigh Roberts)

Watch Leigh Roberts’ XDC 2019 session.

XDC 2019, speaker Leigh Roberts
QwireCast is a powerful casting list management app and one of its cool features is an autocomplete field that makes it easier to find actor names. Join Leigh Roberts as he shows you how to create your own Search Field with autocomplete capabilities. This search field fetches its data from a MySQL database and narrows results as the user types, sorted by relevance and alphabetically. You’ll see how this feature was designed and look at its actual source code, which will also be made available free to the Xojo community.

thank you for the videos you made available to everyone.
In this post (and others) you write the code will be made available free to the community.
if I understand correctly, where can I find the code that comes with the videos?

Check here -