New Video: Building a scripting language

As part of my ongoing efforts to improve awareness of Xojo and my desire to share what I like doing in my free time, I just published another YouTube video.

This video is the first in a series taking you step-by-step how to create a scripting language with Xojo. Inspired by the talk I gave at XDC in Miami, I’ve decided to create another scripting language using Xojo. This one is fully object-oriented, dynamically typed and runs on top of a stack based virtual machine. This makes it must faster than the last one. The language looks a lot like Xojoscript and will be embeddable in Xojo apps or run from the command line.

A lot of people have asked that I tackle complex parts of using Xojo and so I figured writing a language from scratch is a good way to cover many areas whilst also learning a lot about the cool topic that is language design and implementation.

For those of you following my beginners tutorials, they will still continue alongside this project.


I thought you would just wrap XojoScript, but then you start with your own rules to parse text and define symbols. Looking forward for the rest of the series.

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Thanks @Christian.

No wrapping Xojoscript in this series. We’ll learn how to parse and compile our own language down to bytecode using 100% native Xojo.


definitely subscribed to your youtube channel ! thanks.

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