New to programming - want to learn how to

Hi guys,

I’d like to learn programming and would like to write a simple weight loss tracking program or something similar. Would xojo be a good starting place for something like this? Any tips?

Xojo would be quite capable of such a realtively simple program…
But what you need to do first, is “design” it… and I do NOT mean start writing code.

  • Figure out what features you want,
  • what the process/work flow needs to be
  • what kind of data you need to collect
  • what type of structure would be best to store and retrieve that data
  • mock up some screens, throw them away, and mock up more (repeat as required)
  • read about programming methods and techinques (in general, not Xojo specific)
  • THEN start thinking about where to being coding
  • write the code
  • ask specific question on this forum as needed
  • make it work
  • then 6 months later, look at what you did… say “OMG did I really write that?!” … and do it better :slight_smile:

Sure. Start here:


  1. Remember that everyone here, with no exceptions, started where you are now.
  2. Go through that book that Paul has linked, it looks like a great intro.
  3. Start small, keep your “goal” of your app in mind, but don’t bite off too much and get scared at the start.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  5. Enjoy yourself.

#6 Don’t Panic! (And always remember your towel)

Hi Greg,

What you mean about “remember your towel”? Just curious.

It’s a reference to the classic humor book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

towel ?
To clean your tears ?

towel ?
For the gym sessions!

Oh, that’s it.

Thank you guys!