New Tab with only HTML Viewer?

Hello all,

I would like to open a new tag to display HTML Help.

I saw how to programmatically open a new tab, but that goes to my website. Using an HTML viewer object does not show the URL of the specific website page(s); so they are nicely concealed. I have been able to easily open a new page that does what I want - but I need a new page in a new tab. This way the user can bounce back and forth between the help page and the work they are doing.

So, I am wondering if anyone knows a way to programmatically create a new tab and have it only show an HTML Viewer object and an exit button?

Ideas and/or sample code really appreciated!


To open a new page, use a Link control and set it in the inspector to open the link in a new tab.

If your help is an HTML page, simply point to it.

If you want to show a WebPage with the HTMLViewer and a button on it, you will have to do more :

  • Create the WebPage, let us call it HelpPage, with the HTMLVIewer and the button
  • In your app Session Open event, place something like

If Self.URLParameterCount > 0 and URLParameterExists("page") Then if URLParameter("page") = "HelpPage" then HelpPage.Show end if end if

  • Add a link to the other page, with this in its Open event :
Me.URL = ""http://"+session.header("host")+"/?Page=HelpPage&session="+session.Identifier"
  • Set it to open in a new tab

When the user clicks the link, a new tab is opened on HelpPage.

Now comes the hard part : HelpPage and the calling page are not on the same session. So if you need to communicate between the two pages, you will need to use the second parameter “session” to send the session identifier of the HelpPage back, so they can communicate. This goes beyond the simple question you asked, but I just wanted you to be aware of it.