New SQLite engine

with the upgrade of the SQLite to 3.23.1 should I assume that no changes to any existing database file is needed?

I did not make any changes to my DB file and all is working fine

SQLite changes usually consist of performance fixes, bug fixes (if any), and the addtion of new features… but I have databases that were created a dozen versions back that still work fine,

Sorry for the intrusion.
But if I open the db created with the previous version and backup it. Then, will the new file created use the new version of sqlite?

It’s not so much about the database file but rather about the engine which are separate entities:
Once you use Xojo 2018r2, your SQLite databases will run under the new engine. No need to resave oder clone the database.

Care to explain what this means ? (New SQLite engine)

I saw nothing about “New SQLite engine” in the Release Notes.

Basically what Bill wrote: The SQLite plugin in Xojo was updated to use version 3.23.1.
Or from the announcement:

And then what Dave wrote: The team behind SQLite is quite busy fixing bugs and adding new features. When a release has proven to work reliably, it is usually incorporated in Xojo after some time.

OK, from this Conversation title, I wrongly understand there was a huge change (New SQLite engine), not a new version.

I ran a current project with… sever data base files (.sqlite) in demo mode with 2018r2 just to be sure everything is OK.

More fear than harm. :wink: