New Raspberry pi 4

What OS should I load on my Raspberry PI 4 for Xojo IDE… I presume unbuntu 64 …

Xojo IDE does not run on PI, only the program’s it creates runs on the PI

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So the apps created, should run on 64 bit unbuntu?

According to Xojo Docs:


` Pi 2, 3 and 4 running:

  • Raspberry Pi OS
  • Raspbian Buster/Jessie/Stretch
  • libunwind8 library

Other single-board computers that are compatible with a 32-bit or 64-bit ARMv7 CPU may also work, but are not officially supported. Raspberry Pi OS (formally Raspbian) is the only supported OS.

No, AFAIK on ARM there is no support for 64 bit OSs yet, it has to be a 32 bit OS.

EDIT: After seeing Christian’s post I realize what I wrote is misleading, I meant Xojo can only compile 32 bit applications for the Pi, and those wont run on a 64 bit OS (on the Pi).

I have a raspberry Pi with 64-bit Ubuntu.

But Xojo apps need 32-bit for now.

Not sure why I would think that I should be able to run Xojo IDE on my 64 bit distro…

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The download page should state it is Linux on Intel CPUs.


Does ARM Ubuntu have 32-bit libraries? Last I knew, on traditional Ubuntu they do not come by default anymore, and are an optional install.