New Project: Troubles in Xojo 2018r4

Delete some recents projects in the New Project window and when you click in a not on ine project, you get a dialog who propose to delete it.

At this moment, all previously removed Projects entries come back in the list.

LBN: no removed project(s) have been really removed.

Nota: I had Xojo 2015r1 open.

I already reported this for Xojo 2017r2, but the Case has been closed as not reproducible: <> (Beta Tester Case)

I requested to make it public and to reopen it.

I just had this happen to me yesterday; my machine crashed (Using 80GB of RAM on a machine with only 16GB) and when I reopened Xojo, I couldn’t re-open projects from the recent projects list.

I need to do a fsck…