New PagePanel operation on Linux

I’ve started a new project in 22r1.1 to learn more about the API 2.0 changes. The first element that I’m running into issues with is the management of a PagePanel’s PanelIndex versus the old Value.

I’ve created a 3 panel PagePanel (ppConnect) and placed a different label on each panel. I added a pushbutton with this code:

If ppConnect.PanelIndex < 2 Then
  ppConnect.PanelIndex = ppConnect.PanelIndex + 1
End If

However, while the debugger says that the PanelIndex value has changed, the panel never updates in the running app. Linux bug, 22r1.1 bug, or PEBKAC?

Can you try SelectedPanelIndex?

I think you want to change the panel with your code.

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That was it. PanelIndex tells a control what panel it’s parent it is, so … PEBCAK :slight_smile: