New MacBook Pro (13" & 15")

I have a 2016 15" macbook Pro 15" and have had nothing but trouble with the keyboard. Although this article suggests the keyboard may be less susceptible to dust, it does not provide any strong evidence that such is the case. Only that the keyboard is quieter. While quieter is nice, unless they have fixed the dust problem, I would suggest people wait until they do.

Just trying to process some 4K/60 and it really makes me feel like I need a new machine, took a long time to render, and won’t even play back correctly (it’s like watching YouTube on High Sierra on a 2015 MacBook).

Okay, @Norman Palardy just upgraded my knowledge:

[quote]Other way around - compiling is multi core linking is one
Watch how many Houdini helper instances fire up to compile vs link - you should get one per core so on a 4 core machine with hyperthreading you get 8 instances because there are 8 virtual cores)
Compilation is multi core because each “file” (project item) can be compiled independently of the others

Linking is one core because its limited to a single symbol table that is being all stitched together into the final executable[/quote]

So I am still waiting for multi core optimized precompiling with one helper per plugin file.

[quote=395948:@Douglas Handy]Or morning, for those of us in the USA.

Will be interesting to see the geekbench scores. I’m still using a 2012 rMBP here. Which actually is not a bad machine. But much slower SSD than current, not IPS or near 500 nits brightness, only 802.11n wifi, shorter battery life, etc.

How much does i7 help vs i5 when compiling or launching debug on a 64-bit project?[/quote]

Well same here, and I just got like 1 year ago the ac wifi which everybody says is not compatible and it’s working ever since and quite good and stable .

As for battery , indeed , mine if I stay on it max 3 hours and gone . I ordered as well new replacement battery and planning to change it next month, hope it will keep me until we get better feedbacks on the new Macs .

If you use Xojo to build or Xcode, I can get the battery empty in an hour…

Or use it all day when not building much.

I don’t use F1-F12 per se, but with Better Touch Tool one can configure the TouchBar to do just about anything. I use it for application switching and it’s brilliant to be able to have all the app icons.

+1 for BetterTouchTool.


I use “Namely” to get rapidely to an App
free and no need for a touchbar to use it !

I use both Alfred and BetterTouchTool. Have not (yet) used the Touch Bar, but even when I get a new MBP, the majority of my time is spent in clamshell mode with eternal monitors and keyboard, so not sure I’ll use the Touch Bar enough to have much of an opinion on it or setup BTT configurations. Although I might, because I sure like BTT shortcuts for numerous other things…

[quote=396408:@Julia Truchsess]I don’t use F1-F12 per se, but with Better Touch Tool one can configure the TouchBar to do just about anything. I use it for application switching and it’s brilliant to be able to have all the app icons.

So, basically your dock in the touchbar … interesting.

Yes, just poke it with a finger instead of having to scroll and click with the trackpad - much faster and more direct, especially when typing. I’ve been doing it for many years with the F-keys and the Spark utility on older MacBooks, but having the icons displayed has been the holy grail, finally attainable (and you can fit more icons than there were f-keys). I just wish the TouchBar worked a little better - sometimes it’s too sensitive, other times not sensitive enough.

i9 MacBook Pro review.

This is an excellent but very negative review. This guy has admitted to being an Apple hater, but his points are valid. I need to use a cooling pad when I am running graphics or calculation intensive apps on my i7 2016 Macbook Pro. Otherwise it clocks down to keep the temperature lower. The fans simply are not adequate.

Where did he admit to being an “Apple hater”? He says in the video that he prefers Macs, no?

Yeah, but I’d rather click on the dock and have a few hundred dollarpounds in my pocket.

He has stated that he is “starting to hate Apple” in this video.

When he makes recommendations, he has rarely recommended Apple computers. He is a PC guy who likes and respects the lightness of the macbook air, thats about it. But he knows his stuff and I use his reviews to select PCs. But he comes down too hard on most Apple products IMHO.

9 to 5 Mac have also confirmed throttling when using Final Cut Pro.

I am really sad about this. For 3 years I’ve been needing a new MacBook Pro, and the specs on the i9 really tick the boxes. It’s just let down by the machine being too thin.

Gosh, here goes my plan on getting my mac renewed this year, honestly i think i will wait more, this mess just does not justify the price for it and just to take another “barbecue grill” to waste almost 5000$ no way.

Before you give up on this, I anticipate a good cooling pad such as the Thermaltake Massive TM

might solve most of the cycling problems. I think I will give it a try.