New Mac/Windows Xojo game

Remember Space WAR?, well I have been working on a version written in 100% Xojo for the Mac/Windows environments. If you would like to check it out, you can find it here. Early Alpah!

Feedback welcome (I know about the super fast items, and when you die you spawn as a random entity!)

Your link is not accessible from outside your system

Any updates?

Use an FTP server, in case you have a website. Some ISPs have some storage. You simply upload it to a public folder, et voila…

Worked just fine!

Got an error:


Cannot find /Users/tim/Downloads/shipdata.encrypted

Don’t use GetFolderItem("") on Mac! Ever!

[quote=375395:@dave duke]Can anyone confirm if this shares the folder?[/quote]
Yes, I can see 2 files there.

How do you access the shipdata file? In cases like Edwin’s where your app got translocated it still won’t work, even if you put shipdata right next to the app.

Cannot find /private/var/folders/pf/5pyd5vvn2t36jl8c9x7zhnzh0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/43D2FBC1-91AC-4582-A529-185534F29BC6/d/shipdata.encrypted

[quote=375405:@dave duke]WTH?, the getfolderitem is
What Mac are you on, have you tried to move it into the contents/MacOS folder?[/quote]
You can’t use GetFolderItem() on Mac.

There’s a security feature called Translocation, and long story short your app isn’t allowed to access anything outside of itself. You need to bundle the shipdata into the app with a CopyFiles step and use TPSF.Resources.Child("shipdata.encrypted") to get it.

This one’s not about dropbox troubles, this is a factor of app distribution on Mac.

If you follow my instructions and use TPSF there is no difference for Mac, Windows, and Linux :slight_smile:

Yup, it seems to be self-contained now! This should resolve the issues some folks were seeing with Translocation in this thread. You would do well to organize your bundle correctly though. The shipdata should be in the Resources folder because it’s a resource, and only executables should go into the MacOS folder.

Works great now, on my retina screen the top left score is clipped off a little, and on level 3 or so, with the scattering gun, I only get one shot? which does not seem very fair.

Runs very smooth on retina 5K.