New Mac Pro High Res Images

Sorry, I couldn’t resist, have a chuckle on me, it’s now all you’ll be able to see.

PS. Nice bit of kit :slight_smile:

that video show how well 18 “cores” can process a block of code (er cheese)

I’m guessing Apple just embraced the old cheese grater name and said “yeah so what?”
this thing does look like a real decent piece of machinery

I thought they kinda-looked-like aliens, and I think a computer brand already has that type of theme :slight_smile:

I’m very impressed by the potential - even though I didn’t want to be. I’m not stoked about the design change since I use the top of my current graters to stack my testing hardware (our device cubes fit perfectly between the handles).

I will give high props for the PCIe implementation - finally, two 8 lane SAS cards won’t sap the CPU’s muscle and I won’t need to choose between high speed I/O versus high end graphics.

I’m not sure why WiFi is included, but I guess it’s like the mini-spare in a NS/X - in case it’s your only option at 2AM …

But … “starting at $5,999?” Keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of either big Hollywood contracts or government contracts before the end of Summer :slight_smile:

top of the line macpro could pretty reach $30k …

As a user, this scares me. As a share holder, I’m having a mini celebration :smiley:

Why can’t they do a reasonable priced computer that doesn’t do laptop components? My iMac is nice, but it isn’t height adjustable. And it get’s so loud when doing fractals with JWildfire.

More like $US50-60,000 as described here:

This Mac Pro is cheap for Apple: the Apple Lisa was $9995 in 1983, which is $25,728.22 in today’s money.

Donald Tramp (err: Trump)… and his war against China :frowning:

and some are singing “Four more years” while others “no more years” :wink:

Put it on an adjustable arm with a VESA mount ?

…or put it on a pile of old DOS manuals like I do.

@Norman Palardy: the arm isn’t removable anymore for current iMacs. There is a VESA mountable version but the option is hidden. I’m too small for the iMac by 2 about cms so a bunch of books doesn’t cut it.

I vaguely remember something not working on my mini connected via ethernet until I turned on WiFi even though I didn’t need it for networking.

The new Sidecar feature where you can use an iPad as an external display requires both WiFi and Bluetooth to work.

Except that would be a requirement for the iPad not the host computer as long as they are connected to the same network layer.

So I see
It really is tucked away and hidden like they dont want you to know this is even possible

Are you sure? I just discovered after a search that AirDrop requires both devices to have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on. And it used to be the case that automatic time zone setting required WiFi to be on.

Not using WiFi on my Mac Pro 4,1 since it doesn’t have it, so …

Anyone complaining about the price should try to configure a similar specced PC at Dell - you‘ll end up with a minimum price of over US$ 8,300. And that’s without all the goodness as some parts simply don’t exist for the Dell.

It might also be time to accept that we are NOT the market for this beast. For us one of the new Mac minis with a decent 4k monitor and an NAS (with port bundling) attached provides more than we need. And don’t forget to test your app on low end hardware, because most users won’t even have that (I just updated a family friend’s old 20in 2009 iMac running Snow Leo to El Capitan).

The ones who need it are music / video / 3D production studios that used FIVE high-end US$5,000 machines cobbled together to deal with one massive task - and THEY are ecstatic. Dito for NASA, Science Centers, and Software in the Cloud providers.

I’m very much reminded of people poo-pooing REALbasic because it’s “BASIC”. The right tool for the job, guys. And in programming, even if you throw in some design work, you’ll never use that power.

And the “but I want” complaints … that’s kindergarten. Yes, EVERYONE wants a cheap, expandable, powerful Mac, but thankfully not everyone moans when they don’t get it. Reality is to be accepted - moaning doesn’t help anyone, it just gets on other people’s nerves.

If you REALLY, REALLY, REEEEALY want one though: take a nice enclosure (maybe from an old G5), buy a Mac mini plus everything else you want, and build yourself a self-contained unit. All the external harddisks or graphics cards could be brought into one case, hooked up via Thunderbolt. Or build a Hackintosh.

But everything has upsides and downsides, and you’ll always pay one way or another.

A different desk and/or chair might solve that particular problem …