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List your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch apps here.

I for one am grateful to Filip for his hard work as I am certain once we can all get our apps in there and start sharing this site, it will benefit us all in some way.


Thank you Sam. I just posted all my MAS apps there :slight_smile:

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:+1: Thanks!

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App store only, though. Omits indies who are VERY indie…

My thought too. :slight_smile:

To list software you don’t necessarily have in a store, check out They can list your software in hundreds of software repositories.

I use them for all my software, in store or not. If you can have a demo version, it is better, so the software repositories can point to your site for download.

They support all my platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android.

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Filip is on Twitter ( and he’s been very responsive so far, I would suggest if you talk to him to thank him first for creating a new download site, it must have been a lot of work for one person.

I’ll find some time this week to post my apps and provide feedback to Filip also.

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