New Free App: FileFreeze


Freeze files in time without Locking them.

FileFreeze allows users to freeze a file instead of locking it. Applications are allowed to write over the file, but FileFreeze will put the archived version back into place when it sees a change. This can be a more friendly way to “Lock” files.

The app was initially built to lock Xojo UI State files. I prefer my Xojo workspaces to open in the same state every time, not the last state it was in. At first I tried locking the file, but Xojo crashes if you use the Finder Lock feature. Freezing a file instead of locking it is a great way to help any application that’s struggling with locked files.

Previously vaulted as a personal “for myself” tool, FileFreeze is now public and totally free. I just wanted to build something cool and Mac-like. Check out that unified toolbar mmm…

I hope someone out there finds it useful. Maybe someone here feels the same about the IDE workspaces, who knows.

More Information about FileFreeze
Download FileFreeze for macOS

Best wishes, happy Friday, and happy coding!
Tim Parnell