New Framework Timer Issue

Hey guys,

I’ve posted this in Feedback as case (>]39148 but I have yet to see anything acknowledged with it.

Steps: If you put a timer on a window from the IDE, then set its super to Xojo.Core.Timer, the timer does not behave correctly.

For example, put a timer on a window.
Set the super to Xojo.Core.Timer
Set the mode to single.
Set the period to 1000.
In the action event have it do something.

Now run the app on OS X. The Timer will never fire.

Now run the app in Windows. The timer fires multiple times and does not stop.

Please see the attached demo app.

Expected Result:
Timer behavior follows what is set in the IDE

Actual Result:
Behavior is OFF for Mac, Multiple for Windows

Don’t use the new framework timer.

We’re all still in Austin or traveling. It may not get reviewed tonight.

OK. Since I’m not plugged into what’s going on at XDC, I didn’t know it was happening already… :slight_smile:

I thought it was later in May. Makes sense then if no one has gotten to it…